The Knowledge that Burns – reflection on St John’s Tide

Love is preceded by conscience.

Not the naive love born of affection and personal pleasure, but the love that reaches deeper.  Higher.  The love that unfolds in interest, compassion and patience.   That blossoms into commitment, dedication, and perseverance.  The love that culminates Continue reading

The Soul is the Mother…

To all those who manifest true motherhood, Blessings on this Mother’s Day.

“Direct your gaze outward toward objects; you find no divinity. Exert your intelligence; you may understand the laws by which things come into existence and decay, but your intellect shows you nothing divine. Saturate your fantasy with religious feeling; you can create pictures of beings which you may take to be gods, but your intellect dissects them for you, for it proves to you that you yourself created them, and borrowed the material for their creation from the material world. Insofar as you, as intellectual man, consider the things about you, you must deny the gods. For God is not there for your senses or intellect, which explain material perceptions. God is magically concealed in the world. And you need His own force in order to find Him. This force you must awaken within yourself. These are the teachings which a neophyte of ancient times received.

renewal2010Then began for him the great cosmic drama in which he was engulfed alive. This drama consisted of nothing less than the release of the spellbound God. Where is God? This was the question the mystic put before his soul. God is not, but nature is. He must be found in nature. In nature He has found an enchanted tomb. The words, “God is Love,” are grasped by the mystic in a higher sense. For God has carried this Love to its uttermost. He has given Himself in infinite Love; He has diffused Himself; He has divided Himself into the manifold variety of natural things; they live, but He does not live in them. He rests in them. He lives in man. And man can experience the life of God in himself. If he is to let Him come to cognition he must release this cognition creatively in himself.

Man now gazes into himself. As a hidden creative force, as yet unincarnated, works the divinity in his soul. In this soul is a place where the spellbound divinity can come to life again. The soul is the mother who by nature can conceive the divinity. If the soul is fructified by nature it will give birth to a divinity. Out of the marriage of the soul with nature a divinity will be born. This is no longer a “hidden” divinity; it is revealed. It has life, perceptible life, and walks among men. It is the released spirit in man, the offspring of the spellbound divinity. It is not the great God, who was, is and will be, but it can be taken as His revelation in a certain sense. The Father rests in concealment, the Son is born to man out of his own soul. Thus mystic cognition is a real event in the cosmic process. It is the birth of an offspring of God. It is an event as real as any other natural event, only on a higher level. This is the great secret of the mystic, that he himself creatively releases his divine offspring, but he also prepares himself beforehand to acknowledge this divine offspring created by himself. The non-mystic lacks the experience of the father of this offspring. For this father slumbers under a spell. The offspring appears to be virginally born. The soul appears to have borne him without fructification. All its other offspring are conceived by the material world. In their case the father can be seen and touched. He has material life. The divine offspring alone is conceived of the eternal, hidden Father — God Himself.”

From “Christianity as Mystical Fact”, by Rudolf Steiner
– See more at the Rudolf Steiner Archive online.

Posted by Patrick Kennedy, a priest in The Christian Community, a movement for religious renewal.

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From Easter to Whitsun

At this time of the year, the spirit of the Earth is expanding, breathing out to feast with the Heavenly forces. One can feel the hidden power of life erupting from the earth, sprouting from bud to flower, from flower to leaf – all in a matter of days. The many shades of green are luminous, so effervescent, they seem to hover sunriseover the landscape, yet deepen in hue and brilliance each day. Color enkindles exaltation and wonder in the soul as new blossoms appear and one senses that a miracle is taking place.

Perhaps this mood, greatly magnified, is something of what the disciples experienced. Their beloved Lord had reappeared in the garden and each day his revelation was more intimate, more intense, more awe inspiring. Christ spoke to the disciples no longer in parables but directly to their hearts. His words from the last supper held them spellbound; “this do in remembrance of me, that I may be present within you.” Suddenly, all the words Jesus had spoken were being heard again, but now in an overwhelming flood of understanding, beyond their conscious mind. He was in their midst vividly as a living sacrament. The falseness of their fears was washed away and the mystic presence of Christ was experienced as a new reality, a miracle.

When Christ ascended in a cloud of light, he did not return to his heavenly throne; but having permeated the substance of earth, he breathed his spirit out into the living ethers of the Earth. The disciples lost sight of him only because their eyes could not follow the radiance of his Spirit, as he became “Lord of the heavenly forces upon Earth”. The Ascension is thus linked to the second coming, when man’s vision will have been strengthened to behold the Christ again in the sphere where he now dwells.

At Whitsun, ten days after the Ascension, the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in the upper room. As Christ had told them, ‘he would send one who would teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance that I have said unto you. And he shall be the comforter, the indwelling spirit who will unfold my truth to you in the course of time…’ With rushing wind and tongues of fire, a mighty awakening quickened the disciples to their core. The seed for the future had been quickened, just as in nature at this time; the seeds of our plant world are aglow with tiny flames of etheric fire.

Out of the grace of the Holy Spirit, the disciples were given the power to speak living truth, to heal and to remember the words of the Son of God. For 3 years the Christ had lived as an image of what mankind could become if the divine seeds placed within him were allowed to mature and be perfected. Through his deed on Golgotha, Christ merged his embodied divinity with the substance of the earth. His own “I am” was laid into the heart of each being as divine truth, so that one day that truth would guide us all to our divine heritage. But the disciples could not contain the content of what was given to them, for it would fill volumes greater than the size of the earth itself. This is the gift of the Holy Spirit who continues the revelation of Christ from within, so that we can slowly comprehend the immense gift of Christ in us.

The Age of the Holy Spirit

Second ComingPublic Lecture: Friday, July 24th, 2015 7:30 PM

Emerson Waldorf School
6211 New Jericho RD Chapel Hill, NC 27516

In Christian theology, the Holy Spirit is conceived as weaving between the Father and the Son. The Divine Father is conceived as being at rest outside of the Creation, while the Divine Son, having incarnated into a human body upon Earth, is seen as having entered into the center, into the heart of creation. Between the Cross of Golgotha and the Father, transcendent to all creation, weaves the Holy Spirit as the one who renews and revitalizes all that is living. The Holy Spirit is conceived of as one who enlightens, leading humanity onward to ever-higher levels of spiritual consciousness.
The hope of a brighter future endures even through times of great suffering. In this current period there is a pressing need for enlightenment with regard to the true meaning of the New Age, the Age of the Holy Spirit, and its relationship to the Christ mystery and the mystery of Christ’s return “in the clouds” as it is written in the third testament of the Bible: the book of Revelation, the testament of the Holy Spirit.
“Christ will reappear because human beings will raise themselves toward Him in etheric vision. When we grasp this, spiritual science appears to us as the preparation of human beings for the return of Christ, so that they will not have the misfortune to overlook this great event but will be ripe to seize the great moment that we may describe as the second coming of Christ.” (Rudolf Steiner)
The new presence (parousia) of Christ Jesus in the etheric realm began in 1933. In this lecture we shall explore the profound significance of these event against the background of the commencement of the Age of the Holy Spirit.
$10 at the door (free for those attending the weekend workshop)
“The Age of the Holy Spirit” (all day Saturday & Sunday morning — see separate flyer) No previous education needed. All are welcome!

“The Chalice of the Heart” – Healing a Broken World.

A talk by Carol Kelly, priest in the Christian Community, Waldorf teacher, singer, high-spirited group leader, and inspirational speaker.

Where? At the Oasis – 200 N. Greensboro Street A5 Carrboro, NC (Inside Carr Mill Mall (behind Weaver Street Market in the mall on the first floor between Elmo’s and Panzanella)  919 904-7343

When? May 7th. 7 – 830 pm.carol

Cost: A cup of tea or coffee, a luscious desert? If you like.

Why? Because healing begins within us.

“The heart is the center of our physical and spiritual being. It is the first organ to appear in the developing embryo. It is a miraculous organ that is little understood in it’s physical and mostly, in it’s spiritual role in our life. The heart is resilient, beating on even when it is broken or empty. It is also an organ of perception. It can change the world when we learn to use it to give and receive endlessly from the spiritual source of all Love.”     Carol Kelly

Come and discover what your heart can do …


The Things We Carry – Reflections on Holy Week

There is a woman at Columbia University carrying her mattress around with her everywhere she goes. Yes, her mattress. She is doing this to make a statement that when a college student has been sexually assaulted,as she has, something should actually happen to the perpetrator. Instead, he is free to keep coming to classes and she is vulnerable, humiliated, hurt, alone and Continue reading

Palm Sunday – Easter

Festival Celebrations organized by the Cultural Coordinating Committee (CCC) of the Anthroposophical Society.

Beginning Sunday March 29th (Palm Sunday) we will meet in the mornings at different homes (please see schedule of times and places below). Our schedule will include activities which we hope will bring us closer to an understanding of the planetary spheres. On Palm Sunday we will work with the sphere of the Sun. Monday will be a study of the sphere of the Moon. Tuesday will be a study of the sphere of Mars. Wednesday will be a study of the sphere of Mercury. Maundy Thursday will be a study of the sphere of Jupiter. Good Friday will be a study of the sphere of Venus. Holy Saturday will be a study of the sphere of Saturn. On Easter we will reflect on the week and the sphere of the resurrected Sun.datauri-file

Our general schedule will include:

  • Reading from Calendar of the Soul.
  • Sounding the planetary scale for each of the 7 days on the lyre.
  • Experiencing the Eurythmy  gesture for each planetary day.
  • Read and discuss the words of Emil Boch in regard to each day’s events during Holy Week.
  • Drawing the planetary seal or symbol for each day

Those who are interested in attending any or all of these days are asked to RSVP to the respective host.
Sunday March 29th –  9:00 -10:00 am at Joanna Carey – 4207 Neal Road in Durham
Monday March 30th – 8:30 – 9:30 am at Jenny Bingham – 208 Murray Street in Hillsborough
Tuesday March 31st – 8:30 – 9:30 am at Eve Olive – 5815 Mt. Sinai Road in Durham
Wednesday April 1st – 8:30 -10:00 am at Eve Olive
Thursday April 2nd –  8:30 – 9:30 am at Jenny Bingham
Good Friday April 3rd – 9:00 -10:00 am at Johanna Carey
Holy Saturday April 4th – 9:00 -10:0 am at Joanna Carey
Easter Sunday April 5th – 9:00 -10:0 approx. at Joanna Carey

On Easter Sunday we will gather at 9:00 am for a potluck festive Easter breakfast. Following this, we will draw once more the seal for the sun. We will read from the Bible and finally, we will engage in an exercise illuminating our relationship to the nature of resurrection. We will close with Easter songs and rounds.

Any questions can be addressed to:
Jenny Bingham: 919-241-4304
Lynn Jericho:  919-240-4094

There is no charge for these services. All are welcome.

Eurythmy Troupe to Perform April 12th 2015

 There will be a Eurythmy, Creative Speech, and Musical performance at the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hil, NC

on Sunday April 12th at 4 pm in the Brown Wing. Admission is $20, discounts available for students and seniors.

The program will include works from Tolkien, David Shyte, Chimages-1opin, Debussy, Mary Oliver, Lorca, Bach, and more.

These artists are dedicated, innovative young people from various performing groups including the Eurythmy Spring Valley Stage Ensemble. Their recent appearance this March with a string orchestra of “A Far Cry” at the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston was a notable success.

All the artists are gifting their work. Their travel is made possible in part with a grant from the Eurythmy Association of North America and help from EWS. If you can afford to donate more than the admission fee, it will be used to give the artists a token of our appreciation.images-3

For more information about the artists or the performance please contact Christina Beck (].

From Bud to Blossom

datauri-fileSaturday, March 28th   1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Join us for a creative arts workshop for adults to help welcome in the Spring! We will engage in nature observation, work with pastels as well as watercolors, singing and creative writing. No artistic experience necessary.

Location: Richard’s Room at Emerson Waldorf High School


To Register: contact Martha Kelder or 919-942-2112
Fee: $30. plus $5. for supplies
Martha Kelder is an artist and arts facilitator who completed the Nurturing Arts Training in California in 2010.