From Easter to Whitsun

At this time of the year, the spirit of the Earth is expanding, breathing out to feast with the Heavenly forces. One can feel the hidden power of life erupting from the earth, sprouting from bud to flower, from flower to leaf – all in a matter of days. The many shades of green are luminous, so effervescent, they seem to hover sunriseover the landscape, yet deepen in hue and brilliance each day. Color enkindles exaltation and wonder in the soul as new blossoms appear and one senses that a miracle is taking place.

Perhaps this mood, greatly magnified, is something of what the disciples experienced. Their beloved Lord had reappeared in the garden and each day his revelation was more intimate, more intense, more awe inspiring. Christ spoke to the disciples no longer in parables but directly to their hearts. His words from the last supper held them spellbound; “this do in remembrance of me, that I may be present within you.” Suddenly, all the words Jesus had spoken were being heard again, but now in an overwhelming flood of understanding, beyond their conscious mind. He was in their midst vividly as a living sacrament. The falseness of their fears was washed away and the mystic presence of Christ was experienced as a new reality, a miracle.

When Christ ascended in a cloud of light, he did not return to his heavenly throne; but having permeated the substance of earth, he breathed his spirit out into the living ethers of the Earth. The disciples lost sight of him only because their eyes could not follow the radiance of his Spirit, as he became “Lord of the heavenly forces upon Earth”. The Ascension is thus linked to the second coming, when man’s vision will have been strengthened to behold the Christ again in the sphere where he now dwells.

At Whitsun, ten days after the Ascension, the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in the upper room. As Christ had told them, ‘he would send one who would teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance that I have said unto you. And he shall be the comforter, the indwelling spirit who will unfold my truth to you in the course of time…’ With rushing wind and tongues of fire, a mighty awakening quickened the disciples to their core. The seed for the future had been quickened, just as in nature at this time; the seeds of our plant world are aglow with tiny flames of etheric fire.

Out of the grace of the Holy Spirit, the disciples were given the power to speak living truth, to heal and to remember the words of the Son of God. For 3 years the Christ had lived as an image of what mankind could become if the divine seeds placed within him were allowed to mature and be perfected. Through his deed on Golgotha, Christ merged his embodied divinity with the substance of the earth. His own “I am” was laid into the heart of each being as divine truth, so that one day that truth would guide us all to our divine heritage. But the disciples could not contain the content of what was given to them, for it would fill volumes greater than the size of the earth itself. This is the gift of the Holy Spirit who continues the revelation of Christ from within, so that we can slowly comprehend the immense gift of Christ in us.