Devotional Gatherings

We invite you to join in a Christian Community devotional gathering on the first Sunday of each month usually in the home of Buddy and Sarah Smiley at 228 Forest Hill Rd, Chapel Hill, NC  27514. We begin at 10:30 am and social time begins around noon. If you’ve never attended a Devotional service it involves a little singing,  short prayers, reading of scripture followed by discussion. We typically read from the Jon Madsen translation of The New Testament but compare with other versions. Our conversation about the gospel reading tends to deepen and illuminate our understanding while drawing us into a spiritually intimate communion. Its always a rich experience.

We also break bread, albeit gluten free crackers in most cases, and spend time enjoying each other’s company in the snack and coffee time after the service. Gathering together helps build our Christian community when we are not able to participate in the Act of Consecration of Man. Cultivating devotion is an important deed for the spiritual world as we become a human chalice for the work of angels, simply by lifting our hearts and minds up to Spiritual Realities.

Everyone is welcome. Healthy contributions to the snack are appreciated but not required. For clarification on any of this information, please email: Buddy Smiley at: or call at: 919-951-4353. We look forward to you joining us!