Our Teachings

The Christian Community recognizes the Christian path to be a path of freedom. From the beginning, it has been a part of God’s divine plan that human consciousness should evolve and change over time. As humanity has come of age spiritually, the role of the church in human lives has also changed. Today, we ourselves are responsible for seeking the truth and understanding how the spirit lives and works. Rituals and religious teachings exist to nourish and strengthen us spiritually so that we can better understand how God works in our lives. Fostering freedom and responsibility in the individual is seen as crucial in approaching a relationship with Christ Jesus’ deed and message.

In keeping with this spirit of freedom, members are not required to sign any articles of faith, and are encouraged to form independent judgments in religious matters. Nor do we have any formal written dogma. Each priest has the freedom to teach anything that does not contradict the content of the sacraments, whose texts form the bedrock of The Christian Community.

The Christian Community recognizes Christ’s deed of life and death as the pivotal renewal in humanity’s history. He brought a new relationship between human beings on earth and the beings of the spiritual worlds. Our sacraments and our creed express the central truths of Christianity. Our theology should be understood as an attempt to understand and explain those central truths, which can reveal such concepts as reincarnation and karma, a truly cosmic conception of Christ, and the role of spiritual beings at all levels of existence. Christ Jesus is recognized as the guide and redeemer who ‘goes before us,’ leading us to our true humanity.