About Our Service

Our service for adults is a Eucharist service called The Act of Consecration of Man. It is a renewal of the archetypal form of early Christian worship, the Mass. The Act of Consecration consists of four steps that reveal in words and visible deeds what is simultaneously occurring in the spirit.

  • The Gospel Reading: the good news is proclaimed from the realm of the angels.
  • The Offering: we offer our thinking, feeling, and willing to God in response.
  • The Transubstantiation: the spiritual substance of our offering is transformed. The bread and the wine are transformed into the body and blood of Christ.
  • Communion: the congregation receives the power of transformation, the essence of the Son God himself – which is the power to become and grow – into their lives.

In this service Christ gives His healing forces to those who seek Him, who recognize Him and who follow Him. With those forces we can, with time, evolve into our true humanity, and help others on their path to this goal.

Many people attending services at The Christian Community for the first time find them more solemn than what they are accustomed to. There are no microphones, no projectors, no rock bands. Just communal prayer spoken by the priest with the congregation participating inwardly. Usually there is instrumental music or a choir as well as songs sung by the whole congregation.

There is a special ritual for children between ages 6 and 13; it speaks to them of the Spirit of God and how human lives are empty without love. Parents, of course, are welcome to be present during this Sunday Service for Children.