The Age of the Holy Spirit

Second ComingPublic Lecture: Friday, July 24th, 2015 7:30 PM

Emerson Waldorf School
6211 New Jericho RD Chapel Hill, NC 27516

In Christian theology, the Holy Spirit is conceived as weaving between the Father and the Son. The Divine Father is conceived as being at rest outside of the Creation, while the Divine Son, having incarnated into a human body upon Earth, is seen as having entered into the center, into the heart of creation. Between the Cross of Golgotha and the Father, transcendent to all creation, weaves the Holy Spirit as the one who renews and revitalizes all that is living. The Holy Spirit is conceived of as one who enlightens, leading humanity onward to ever-higher levels of spiritual consciousness.
The hope of a brighter future endures even through times of great suffering. In this current period there is a pressing need for enlightenment with regard to the true meaning of the New Age, the Age of the Holy Spirit, and its relationship to the Christ mystery and the mystery of Christ’s return “in the clouds” as it is written in the third testament of the Bible: the book of Revelation, the testament of the Holy Spirit.
“Christ will reappear because human beings will raise themselves toward Him in etheric vision. When we grasp this, spiritual science appears to us as the preparation of human beings for the return of Christ, so that they will not have the misfortune to overlook this great event but will be ripe to seize the great moment that we may describe as the second coming of Christ.” (Rudolf Steiner)
The new presence (parousia) of Christ Jesus in the etheric realm began in 1933. In this lecture we shall explore the profound significance of these event against the background of the commencement of the Age of the Holy Spirit.
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