A Worldwide Movement

There are approximately 200 independent Christian Community Congregations worldwide. Congregations now exist all across Europe from Russia to Ireland, from Finland to Italy and Spain. They can also be found in southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, as well as North and South America.

Many congregations have affiliate branches at other locations where services are also held, though on a less than full time basis. The Christian Community of Chapel Hill / Durham is an affiliate of the Washington – Baltimore congregation. Each congregation is financially independent and exists through voluntary pledges and donations from its local members. There are regional and international administrative bodies to coordinate the work at those levels.

The North American work is coordinated by Rev. Craig Wiggins and the North American regional board.

Our worldwide headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany, and we are internationally incorporated as the Foundation of the Christian Community. The priestly central leadership of the Christian Community worldwide is comprised of 7 priests and known as the Circle of Seven.

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