About Our Priest

The Christian Community of Chapel Hill/Durham is an affiliate of The Christian Community in the Greater Washington-Baltimore Area. An affiliate community could be likened to a seedling growing in the protection of the large parent tree. A priest from an established congregation travels to the group, bringing vestments and other items necessary for celebrating the sacraments. Rev. Carol Kelly of the Washington-Baltimore congregation visits our community, on average, every two months, or more often if her schedule allows. She also makes herself available to come for special events such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Like some other affiliates we have regular Sunday devotional gatherings without a priest present.

A little about Rev. Kelly in her own words:

I grew up in a large Catholic family and have always loved community life, devotional prayer, singing and celebrating with others. I became a Waldorf teacher and a music teacher in 1984. I worked to bring to the children a love for the earth, a love for humanity and all living creatures, and love for every subject we studied. This is “devotional” teaching. So, the step to becoming a priest was very natural to me.

I studied at the Christian Community Seminary in Stuttgart, Germany from 1998-2001 [at that time the North American Seminary had not yet been founded] and was ordained on March 17, 2001. I worked as a priest in Spring Valley, NY from Sept. 2001- June 2011, when I came to the Washington DC congregation. It is a privilege to be able to serve this congregation in every way possible and sometimes even in the impossible! It is wonderful to think that we are able to shed light and prayer into the world in these tumultuous times.