Who We Are

We are an independent community centered around the seven sacraments in a renewed form, without attachment to any existing church or ecumenical movement. Through His indwelling in the sacraments, Christ replenishes our life in community, which in turn offers us the opportunity to find and connect our lives with His regenerating impulse. Christianity is seen as universal; sectarian teaching or dogmatic behavioral codes demean its all-encompassing significance. From its inception in 1922, the questions of gender and sexual orientation have never been criteria for deciding who can be ordained into the priesthood or participate in all aspects of community life.

We welcome all regardless of age, race, national origin, gender and sexual orientation. Anyone seeking a community of Christians that combines sacramental integrity and freedom of belief will find an open door. We see freedom and a sense of responsibility as crucial elements as we approach Christ Jesus, His deed and message. All who come will encounter an environment in which, as a community and as individuals, we can strive to cultivate free inquiry in harmony with deep devotion.