Join Our Listserv

For communications with our members and friends we utilize a system called listserv. This system allows any subscriber to send an email to the whole Christian Community of Chapel Hill/Durham mailing list. It is generally used for announcements or information of interest to our church members.

You may join our Listserv by Clicking Here.

Guidelines for using the Listserv

The primary purpose of the listserv is to inform our community about church related events, including: talks, study groups, festivals, gatherings or other news that is relevant or of interest to a majority of us. Because it is a community service, it is fine for members to post important announcements that pertain to their own lives or other church members, e.g. to announce a death, birth, a move, serious illness or upcoming surgery. Please do not post information about someone else without their knowledge and agreement. It is also a place where prayers or help can be requested in times of need. Information about other Christian communities endeavors or events may also be shared. Things such as: fundraisers, request for ride shares, invitations to start a new group etc. are all permissible. Advertisement of services or goods, not related in some way to the Christian Community, is discouraged, however requests for recommendations are allowed. Please respond privately to such a query and not to the entire listserv.

Please do not use the listserv for political agendas or any other potentially inflammatory content. We are all bombarded with way too much spam, YouTube videos etc., so please don’t forward jokes, chain letters, photos of kittens, petitions for signatures, pyramid schemes or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Be careful not to directly, or indirectly challenge or attack anyone for their ideas, beliefs or actions. The listserv is not a platform for public discussions. If a number of people wish to discuss something, please email just these people, make arrangements to meet privately or communicate using a Google Group.

Whatever you publish on the listserv is available for the world to see. How we communicate with one another reflects not just on ourselves but also on the standing of the Christian Community in the world. Good manners and good judgment need to be practiced at all times.

We never share our listserv subscriber information with any other organization.

Thank you.